img_1376Last week, we visited my alma mater, Kent State University. It was an odd experience, sort of like travelling back into time, but while some things were the same (I’m looking at you, Mike’s Place), there was a lot of things that were different. For example, my favorite hole in the wall bar is now a Quaker Steak and Lube. What?!? And the whole place seemed cleaner and filled with less random people. The kids studying seemed way younger than I remember ever being. It was weird. But, it got me thinking about my life at the campus, and left me jonesing for a college experience. Disclosure: I was in an honors society (coed, so not a fraternity or a sorority), and I was even publicity chair. There were never any weird things that happened, and I even got to speak at a National Convention due to my experiences within the society, so I had the best possible time. However, there are many people who talk about the seedier side of the Greek system, and I felt like it was necessary to pick up a book I’d bought via the infamous Buy 2 get the 3rd free table (why is it I can rarely find 3 books on this table?!?).

From the back:

In this shockingly true-to-life novel written by an all-star team of Internet phenoms from the Total Frat Move generation, you’ll get the first true glimpse of “real” sorority life in all its f**ked up glory.

Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell is what happens when you take the creative minds behind Babe Walker (author of the New York Times bestselling White Girl Problems series) and add Rebecca Martinson to the mix. Rebecca Martinson—yes, that bitch—the former Delta Gamma sister responsible for the scathing, expletive-filled email that verbally assaulted her entire chapter for being “so f**king boring” at social functions, and threatened to “c*nt punt” every last one of them if their behavior didn’t shape up. Dirty Rush is a no-holds-barred look at what really happens when you “go Greek.”

Taylor Bell comes from a long line of Beta Zeta sorority sisters, who all expect her to pledge upon starting at the university. But Taylor has other plans: she’s determined to give her family the proverbial middle finger and destroy the rich tradition they hold so dear by eschewing sorority life altogether. However, Taylor’s resolve soon melts when she falls in with a group of hilarious, ultra-saucy girls, who introduce her to all things Greek and soften her to the idea of joining. Resigned to the fate the Greek gods have dealt her, Taylor pledges Beta Zeta and embarks on a collegiate career filled with the kind of carousing sure to make any sorority sister proud.

Soon, Taylor’s experience as a BZ starts to feel like a jacked-up, drug-infused, and X-rated fairy tale—especially when reality comes crashing down and a rather lewd sex tape is leaked. The girl in the video looks a lot like Taylor. Has Taylor gone off the deep end? Or is someone trying to frame her? Unless she can prove her innocence and re-ingratiate herself with the sisters who’ve accused her of leaking the video in a Kim Kardashian–style bid for attention, Taylor is at risk of losing everything she’s fought (partied) so hard for.

Who Should Read This Book: Anyone interested in potential Greek activities (high schoolers, college freshman and/or parents)–people wanting to relive a little bit of their glory days in campus… Fans of Scream Queens who want a little less blood and a little more gore.

Final Thoughts: I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. While the structure was simple and easy to understand, I feel like this could have been a bit better planned. I feel like while it wasn’t my cup of tea, it could still be someone else’s, so that’s why I can recommend it.

I also Bookcrossed this and left it with someone in Ohio for release at a future event. Check out the Bookcrossing page for this book here.

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