2015, mindless blather


ahem, don’t mind me. I am just testing for the mobile app, Blogsy. Just want to see if I am able to post here, and if I like it, using my recently found and insanely cheap bluetooth keyboard!I got it from Fry’s, which is a local electronics supercenter here in caliornia. I paid just $15 for this, and it works pretty well, so far. It has springy, lightly depressible keys and is made by rocksoul.While I love the technology out there, when I am trying something new, I do not usually spend a lot of money–preferring to go with something cheaper to see if I get the usage out of it. And, besides, I could not see myself using 50 to 100 dollars to get a bluetooth mobile keyboard. I mean, I am just not making that kind of money…yet.Okay, actually I do spend on certain things that I trust, but this, while not a total essential, it was definitely something I wanted to try.
How do you blog on the go?

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