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That’s So 90s Pop! Review


That’s So 90s Pop! A Fill-in Activity Book

I REALLY wanted to like this book. In fact, when it was recommended to me by Clarkson Potter, I was really excited and decided to review it in exchange for a copy–thank you Clarkson Potter Publishers. It’s packed full of 90s pop music artists you know (P!NK, Mariah Carey) and artists you may have forgotten about (B*witched, S Club 7). There’s even a Carson Daly mask in the book.

However, when I started using it, I noticed a problem. Some of the connect the dots drawings are out-of-sync (*NSYNC is IN the book–so Bye Bye Bye).

And another issue I had was that some of the artists are not 90s pop. Specifically Lil’ Kim and Avril Lavigne. I consider them more 00s, but I could be wrong. There could have been so many ways that they took this to another level. I did like that they have Jessica Simpson on a background of tuna fish cans–because we STILL want to know if it’s chicken or fish. Some of the word finds were pretty clever, too!

Who would read this: Fans of adult coloring, those who want an activity book OR those nostalgic for pop culture from the 90s.

Time to Read: less than 1 hour… And I’d like to get that back.
Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Funny Story: Our school had a Backstreet Boys concert before they were big–it was the first time Nick Carter had seen snow and the school went crazy–a friend got her jacket signed by Howie, LOL.

Final thoughts: The drawings are definitely worth the book, however, the weirdness of the connect-the-dots activities really killed it for me, and made it so I was unlikely to use this in the future. 🙁

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