The First Affair by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Jamie McAlister goes to DC as a graduate (and intern) with the hopes that she can get a job that will pay off her expensive education. She lives at the home of a prominent (and oppositional to the leading party currently) political person who happens to be the mother of her best friend from college. Jamie is at the White House during the freeze and comes smack dab into President Rutland.

Soon Rutland is texting her, and the two meet in his office. They conduct an intimate relationship and while Jamie tries to keep it under wraps, another woman comes forward with allegations. Soon Jamie doesn’t know who she can trust, and the promise of an amazing job, from her own merit, is pushed to the curb as she has to scramble at her new unpaid internship in a basement of a nearby building.

People from both sides are promising her different things, but should Jamie sell out, or continue to struggle?

Who would read this: Fans of the authors previous novels (like the nanny diaries), someone bridging the gap from YA to adult lit, anyone into politics, college students.

Time to Read: 3 hours
Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Funny Story: i almost went to dc to intern at their CNN office once.

Final thoughts: this was a fun read, i imagined it as a beach read. i do, however, think that it was a little transparent to see what would happen from the beginning.

Author: gothamgal

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