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The Girl Next Door – A Review of My Life Next Door

MyLifeNextDoor_AlwaysReidingI heard about this book via YA Reads or maybe even the SBTB site and thought it looked pretty awesome. I mean, the cover alone makes me so excited, it isn’t funny. But I kept waiting for the price to go down–it didn’t. Finally, after months of waiting, I bit the bullet.

Samantha has spent her whole life in her large home, trying to be the opposite of her older sister and be the perfect daughter for her politician mother. But Samantha can’t help but watch the Garrett’s next door from her window. They are the one thing in the world she is forbade to associate with, per her mother’s instructions.

The Garrett family is loud, and there’s a new one every few years. Toys litter their yard, as do cars. And one night she is seen by Jase Garrett–who proceeds to climb the trellis and knock on her window. And then, seventeen year old Samantha Reed’s life begins. Suddenly, her private school education and country club membership mean little. She begins to realize that the world is larger than her home and her already planned life. And Jase’s kisses make her come alive.

But when Jase begins to ask questions about why she’s in his life (and at his house) while he’s still ‘the guy from the wrong side of the tracks,’ Samantha begins to question if everything she has been taught is really right. And she begins to see cracks in those she previously thought of as unbreakable. As Samantha is stuck between two people she loves, will she be able to find a solution that makes everyone happy?

I so enjoyed this book, and want to pick up the second in the associated ‘world’ as soon as possible. With the Mt TBR Double Dog Dare, I won’t be able to read it until April 1, so I am going to make a note of it. The next book features one of the more compelling characters in the book, Tim. Tim is Samantha’s friend (and her best friend’s twin brother)–but he’s battling a horrific drug and alcohol issue, but cleans up throughout My Life Next Door.

Jase just feels like the absolute perfect book boyfriend. He’s good with his hands (can fix just about anything) and loves animals. He plays football, and has enough time to help his six brothers and sisters (and parents) whenever possible. And his kisses. Huntley Fitzpatrick explains kissing in a way that would make even the most chaste person want to do some research. And, he gives good conversation. In short, I think this book would give younger readers the message not to settle for someone, unless there is a LOT going on. Which is awesome.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this read, much more than I originally thought I would and I am so incredibly happy that I picked it up. You can pick it up in hardcover, paperback, ebook or audiobook format from your favorite book retailer.

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