The James Bond Casino Royale Audio Book
The James Bond Casino Royale Audio Book

To those who haven’t seen Casino Royale yet, there’s an audio book for it and it’s just as exciting as the movie. If you have a good imagination and would like to be introduced to Bond via an audiobook, you might want to give Casino Royale a try.

In Casino Royale, Bond gets dispatched to a French Casino called Royale-les-Eaux and his mission is to take down Le Chiffre – a high-profile enemy of the British government. In order to infiltrate the enemy ranks and destroy his target, he has to participate in a Baccarat tournament.

Baccarat, according to mobile slots and bingo provider Gala Bingo, originates from the 15th century, and no matter the variation, the game is quite easy to understand. This is perhaps the reason why the movie used it instead of Texas Hold ‘Em or Pai Gow, which requires a little bit of technical knowledge to understand.

The reason why Bond needs to participate in Baccarat is because if Le Chiffre gets bankrupt, the latter’s bosses will take him down. For a closely-guarded gangster as Le Chiffre, Bond needs to use this tactic to succeed. Bond, of course, is a studied spy and a worse gambler so he encounters trouble when Le Chiffre discovers his plans. This is when Agent 007 encounters a “baptism of fire,” dodging enemy attacks, torture, and sneaky assassins. Things took a turn for the worst when Bond’s partner, the one who funds his mission at the Baccarat tables, gets abducted by the enemy.

Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale sets itself apart from the previous Bond films by being the first reboot of the franchise. This means that the movie, or in this case the audio book, doesn’t follow the timeline of the Bond in Dr. No up until Die Another Day, which is the final film until the reboot. While that can be a deal breaker to die-hard fans, it actually is good for those who are not familiar with the best British spy in fiction.

Casino Royale is a nice entry-level movie that depicts Bond in his early days when he is still extremely vulnerable enemy conspiracies and treacheries. Casino Royale’s audio book is chockfull of action and suspense, all thanks to the very talented Dan Stevens who narrates the book’s events. This reboot is a nice move that reintroduces Bond in the modern world, swinging even more high-tech gadgetry than the world currently has.

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