Brain Freezes, we’ve all had them. And they’re NOT fun at all. However, the great folks at Potter Style (a division of Crown Publishing/Penguin Random House) have created a fun little journal dedicated to sweetening the most scary of all ice cream feelings.

The Brain Freeze journal is a great book that is compact, and the pages are sandwiched between a material akin to a nice lovely cookie that helps MAKE an ice cream sandwich! The 368 pages inside are also pretty cool. They match what you can see from the outside!

I was intrigued by the middle that appears to be blank–that would be a great place to practice doodling or listing or even making a list of important events that happened that specific day. This would be a great planner/journal for the year as it has enough pages, yet is small enough to go into most bags. It would be similar in size to the personal sized midori (just think fat) or a personal dayrunner. It is just a bit big for a palm, but can be carried in one hand with no problem.

The paper is nice and smooth, and writes nicely with pencils, pens and gelpens. I would recommend letting the ink dry before closing to prevent smearing.

I was given a copy of this in exchange for my honest review by the publisher, Potter Style (Crown Publishing/Random House). It is available to purchase at your favorite retailer today!

Do you like funny journals? What is your dream-type of fun journals?


Author: gothamgal

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