Princess Saves Herself

the princess saves herself in this one

I should preface this by saying that I don’t normally read poetry. However, something within this slight tome drew me in and told me to pick it up at the bookstore. A signed copy, of a Barnes and Noble exclusive edition, made me fall in love with the act of poetry and see the things I’ve got in my head in a different way.

Amanda’s collection has four parts that are similar to her life stages and then the act of the reader reading that pieces of her life that comprised the poetry. They are:
the princess
the damsel
the queen
and you

The princess was the section that spoke to me loudest. Within it, she details some pretty rough stuff, but then she survives, despite the odds, and becomes a poet and the queen she ends up being by being as brave as to share her story. This collection made me feel things. Deep things. I cried and I didn’t cry. I smiled because she survived and I smiled because she triumphed… and I smiled because some of what she so beautifully relates, I can relate to.

If you haven’t the chance and want to read a rough tale, with beautiful language, do yourself a favor and read this. I adore it.

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