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The Truth is Out there, and on Sale!

eBook Sale

Everything old is new again, Star Wars is in theatres and the X-Files is coming back in a limited run series. I got an email, and found out that the ebook versions of many of the books I read back when the series was running (pre-2000s) were 99 cents a piece. While I have the triple dog dare, I have decided these were important to pick up at this price–I have such fond memories of the series and can’t wait for the new limited run series to come out, so I can watch it.

I had to specially order one or two of these books from a flyer that had X-Files memorabilia back in the mid-90s. They were REALLY expensive for me as a high schooler, but I am so stoked that they’re available in an easy to carry format now.

Did you ever purchase ebook copies of books you enjoyed as a child? Are you looking forward to the X-Files series return?

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