Searching via Pinterest, I found a few things that resonated with me. Now, I have been lucky enough to have been a reader for over 90% of my life. Before I could read at a very early age, it was made clear that there were great things of interest in those paper covers, or cloth covers. I saw those around me with books, I saw those people take interest (away from me, most likely at the age of 18 months or 2 years old!), and my interest was piqued.

Books were part of how I could gauge success early on—they figured heavily into my potty training process (my Grandmother would read my favorite book to me while I had to ‘go’ so that meant I was interested in sitting on the potty and would try)—as a result. I was potty trained pretty early. I remember being given books as rewards for good behavior or presents for advent. I soon read all of my books and graduated to any books I could find in the house (with my parent’s blessing).

Each of the quotes I pulled from Pinterest above resonate with me. And I think should with other readers. If you get really into a book, you know that you bring that ‘life’ with you on your real-life travels. I feel like the second picture—I am definitely a read-a-holic—things go way better when I have a book. And so, when I saw the third one, I just had to post it. After all, there are critics that would state lots of things about ‘ignoring life’, which is just not true. And, the fourth picture is something we have all experienced, I am sure—it is great that with social media more of these interactions can happen, but there’s still a wall, after all if we could call an author if you liked a book, I am sure some crazy people could contact the author as well.

What are your favorite reader/reading life quotes? Please leave yours in the comments below.

Author: gothamgal

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