Taking a moment out to talk about a new fountain pen I just bought—a Lamy Safari pen. I wholeheartedly recommend Jet Pens for all your online (and some local) pen needs.

The pen is just under 30 dollars, but when you look at how the pen may hold up, as well as the idea that you can refill the ink and get a LOT of pen usage out of it. I purchased mine in medium nib size, but JetPens has a lot of different colors and sizes in Lamy Safari pens. I was struck, first, by how sturdy it was, I was then even more impressed by the smoothness of the writing of the Lamy Safari Pen.

Above, I’m showing off the Diamine ink in  Hope Pink. This ink retails on the Jetpens site for $7.00 for 30 mL of ink. I have used the ink to refill the pen twice—and no only does it dry vibrantly, it dries very quickly.

I’ve already written eleven letters (more on that later) with the pen and the ink, and have only had to refill it once. Please note, that you would need to buy a converter in order to use the ink with the pen, but they are under $5 and totally worth it. There was a bit of a learning curve (more on that later) with the converter, but the ink is totally washable when I have spilled it.

Stay tuned for more information about my foray into the fountain pen world. Do you use fountain pens?

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