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This Readers Life:: SD Wild Animal Park

I was moved to tears today. All because of one fact, that I had already heard…


This is Nola. She is a North African White Rhino.

She is definitely special, but the reason I am writing today is because she is one of only 5 left in the world. Why? Because of poaching. In the region of the world she is from, hunters will slaughter these animals for their horns—due to the ‘medicinal’ properties (and as aphrodesiacs).

The horns actually contain the same ingredients found in human hair and nails—keratin.

The best way we can save animals like Nola (and her South African counterparts) is by education. The more people know about Nola and the remaining 4 other North American White Rhinos and the way people WON’T be helped by the ‘curative’ properties of things we ALL have, the better.

Please help share Nola’s information today.  Luckily, the San Diego Wild Animal park is non profit and tries to preserve and conserve as much as possible. However, with only 5 remaining species (and one mateable pair), it makes it very rough to plan a resurgence similar to that of the California condor.

Thank you

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