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This readers Life: The gifts we readers LOVE

Since it is that day of all days, I figured I would go through some of the things we readers love as gifts.

1. Time, in a bookstore or somewhere books are sold. Never underestimate the power of saying ‘get whatever you want’ or even ‘Isn’t there a book you wanted?’

2. Bookstore gift cards. ‘Nuff said.

3. eReader. Some readers will NOT like this, so you should know your reader well before making this decision for them.

4. Art of our favorite book—it doesn’t have to be fancy—just frame the cover! Personalised-Penguin-Book-Cover-Print-540x477

5. Uninteruppted time. This is great if the reader you love has a lot of commitments—tell them you’ll take care of the dishes or the laundry, or give them a whole block of time to read.They’ll be APPRECIATIVE afterwards.

6. Gifts-for-booklovers-Paddywax-Candles-Library-Collection-Charles-Dickens-540x432

What book lover wouldn’t want to smell like a library? Or their favorite scent? Check out more scents at Frostbeard (I bought from them previously, but don’t get any affiliate/sponsor money).



7. YOUR favorite book, along with a note why you want them to read this particular book. Readers love it when people share with them.

and finally…

8. Did we mention books???

What types of things do you buy for your favorite reader? What things would you like, as a reader?

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