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Top Chef, Manga-Style: Food Wars Vol 1


Top Chef, Manga-Style: Food Wars Vol 1

Soma is part of his family’s small restaurant–a hole in the wall. While he and his father have a little bit of a competitive relationship, especially when it relates to cooking, his father enrolls Soma in an elite cooking school. The school has stringent standards, and only a ten percent graduation rate.

After a huge cooking competition to prove he belongs, Soma realizes that everything in the school is a competition. And he has to walk from a remote dorm on campus to his classes while battling his classmates, and even those he may consider friends. Something is clear–Soma will be called upon to create his most amazing meals EVERY day, using the tricks his father taught him to survive in this environment. Will Soma be man enough to survive Food Wars?

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Who would read this: Fans of Manga, ‘foodies’ or anyone looking for a few recipes.

Time to Read: 30 minutes
Rating: 4/5

Funny Story: I’m not a manga fan, but I’m doing a challenge where I am to read one. I enjoyed it much more than i thought.

Final thoughts: I don’t get the way the girls react to the food, apparently it is similar in the series, but i do like they include recipes and have a semi-believeable storyline. I will definitely check out more of the series.

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