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Top Ten Tuesday: top ten authors we’ve read the most books from

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Stephen King: Yeah, there are about 35 of his books that I have read. I have made it no secret that my great Aunt used to buy his hardcovers that I would open on Christmas eve to either scare me to death so I wasn’t nervous for Christmas OR that would be long enough for me to read the whole night.

JK Rowling: I’ve read all of the Harry Potter series multiple times. That has to amount to something, right?

Denise Swanson: Her mystery series about Scumble River is awesome and I really enjoy her storytelling.

Susan Wittig Albert: She has a pretty awesome mystery series, set in a small town in Texas.

RL Stine: From way back, but I read a ton of his fear street books when I was growing up, and also some of his goosebumps books.

Janet Evanovich: Stephanie Plum’s world has sucked me in, although I am no longer re-reading each book in the series every time a new one comes out.

Sue Grafton: I got up to the newest book in 1998 and then stopped. So 11-12 books, I think.

VC Andrews: Not to wax over, but I was a VC Andrews reader. A LOT… And multiple times.

Ann M Martin: There were some days spend curled up in the Babysitter’s Club, not going to lie.

Christopher Pike: Again, back when I was a kid, this was all the rage!

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