Travelogue: A Weird Trip to LA

Today, we went on a weird trip in LA.  We had some errands to run up in Los Angeles, and afterwards decided to go grab a bite to eat. Since we were close, we wanted to head to Clifton’s… It was closed for an event, so the 10 minutes of free parking came in handy.AlwaysReiding_LA_2Then, as anyone in LA knows, we got stuck in some crazy traffic. We couldn’t figure out why it took us 20 minutes to go less than 2 miles (apart from the annoying one way, no turn streets). We stumbled upon a premiere of a movie–Baby Driver. There were celebrities everywhere.AlwaysReiding_LA_3 And then we turned around. The Grand Central Market looked closed, so we passed the Last Bookstore (which made me really sad–I wanted to shop, LOL).AlwaysReiding_LA_1

So then we decided to hit up our favorite part of time and see La Golondrina. Which stopped seating 2 minutes before we got there…. Our luck was TERRIBLE, lol.AlwaysReiding_LA_5 We each grabbed a taquito at Cielito Lindo (the best taquitos in LA, for sure) and their avocado sauce and then hit the road for greener food pastures.AlwaysReiding_LA_4 When was the last time you took a little trip, thinking it would go one way, but it ended up completely different, and still awesome? Share your story in the comments below, please…

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