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Villain Mash Up: Bout of Books 15 Day 4


Cynthia at Book Binges is hosting a Villain Mash Up, wherein two of your ‘favorite’ villains duke it out. Here are the rules:

  • Pick villains from two different books that you would love to see fight each other. It can be from any genre and it doesn’t even have to be a physical fight. It could be a verbal one as well.
  • Give a short reason why you think these villains should fight each other
  • You don’t have to have a blog to do this challenge. You could tweet it or instagram it or even leave it in the comments. If you do tweet it, don’t forget to mention me (@bingeingonbooks) and use the hashtag #villainmashup
  • You must be a Bout of Books participant & you must do this challenge to be giveaway eligible


Joyce Barnhardt (Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich) vs. Levana (Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer)

Yes, this is a ridiculous pairing, but I think it can be truly the best fight ever invented.

Joyce is like a shell (which Levana can’t see) because she IS so stupid, and she has a ton of bounty hunter equipment. But then Levana would eventually see her at the very point where Joyce tried to tazer Levana. Then the two would do makeup together and Joyce would introduce her to contouring, and then she would say something stupid about a crush of Levana’s and Levana would try to kill her–and set them both aflame.

So both series can go on for the better!

What two villains would you like to see duke it out?

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