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Week In The Life : Almost Upon Us!

It is that time of year.
Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life starts tomorrow. So, I decided to take a few pictures today to get in the mode of taking pictures and sharing them a la a Week in the Life style.
Also, check out Ali Edwards’ site for more information.

We’re experiencing HIGH temperatures at the beach, and since our condo doesn’t have air conditioning, I made an executive decision to be away from the house for most of the day…

First stop, California Fish Grill. I got Caun Mahi Mahi and a salad. It was YUMMY! And since it has been a while since I Was there, it was perfect for something ‘different’ without being too out there. I was not able to eat the cole slaw, as there were some identified nuts in the cole slaw.
Next up, the husband wanted to hit up Gamestop–oh darn. We picked up a used game and a new game, and this is me waiting for him at the car. I did not edit this, LOL.
We ran errands at Michael’s (wanted a folding table, but got these instead. Great shelves, for under $2.50. And, the desk, which had originally been $209.99 was on clearance, unopened for $20.99. So we picked one up. Now we just have to figure out where to put it. We tried to find a card table at Walmart, but ended up finding one at Lowe’s.
With the idea that it was too hot to go home, we decided to go to the movies (I had a free ticket to Regal) and then we were an hour and a half early for the movie, so we stopped for some ice cream at Ben and Jerrys! It was soooo good.
And, after an awful experience with an employee who was a bit rude, we got to watch Vacation!

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