Welcoming the Echo Dot

I kept pondering the value of the small, round object that fit in the palm of my hand. Could something this small add value to our current life? And what were the costs of the device, apart from the price tag? Thanks to Amazon Prime day, I snapped up this little disc, and cannot believe the positive changes I’ve experienced in just 24 hours.
The Echo Dot is made by Amazon and while it works with the taller, cylindrical Echos (they have a few more robust features), the dot promises to work out of the box to make your life easier.

I originally pitched it to my husband as a test tech-object. Meaning, if it was set at a certain price, it would be great to test for its promised features. He reluctantly agreed. And, on Amazon Prime day, I ordered one (I missed out on the white dot, and ended up with a black one). When it was delivered, it took about 20 minutes to connect to wifi. That was the only sticking point in the entire process.

Once I was connected, I was able to start interacting with it… Like any normal person. I tried ordering Earl Gray tea, and it told me it wasn’t a replicator. I tried playing a Batman game, and realized I wasn’t in the mindset to play it at the moment. However, I did find something pretty awesome when we set it up in the bedroom–it can be used as a white noise machine!

That’s right, I was able to play a song, on repeat, featuring a thunderstorm to block out the sound of someone (who shall remain nameless) and their snoring. It actually made me feel super awesome the next morning–it’s a fraction of the price of the white noise machine I might have bought AND the light doesn’t distract me at night. Woot!

Do you have an echo dot? What do you think of it? Do you have a different home automation device? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: gothamgal

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