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Where’s my Room? Food Wars Vol 2


Where’s my Room? Food Wars Vol 2

Soma finds himself relegated to the farthest dorm on Campus (Polaris) in Food Wars Vol 2. The dormitory is run by an elderly woman (best described in the book, itself, as a crone) who challenges him to cooking something for her. As he had not been told about this ‘audition,’ he had no ingredients, so Soma must be inventive with what is on hand. He makes an amazing dish and surprises the woman, who grants him a room. Once he’s made his way to his room, he begins meeting the crazy students who also live in this eccentric dorm and then he finds himself challenged in one of the legendary duels–a shokugeki. Will Soma be able to create amazing items on the fly, or will he be bested by the duelist? Read Food Wars vol 2 to find out!

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Who would read this: manga fans, anime fans, top chef junkies.

Time to Read: 30 minutes
Rating: 4/5 stars

Funny Story: I really enjoy the recipes and want to keep reading them for the recipes.

Final thoughts: I am still enjoying this series and i cannot wait to read more!

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