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Who You Gonna Call?: Ghostbusters (2016) Novelization

Who You Gonna Call?: Ghostbusters (2016) Novelization

When a book she’s tried to hide sees the light of day (and threatens her tenure), Dr. Erin Gilbert seeks out her old friend and partner, Abby Yates, in the hopes to persuade the woman to take the book off Amazon. However, a chance encounter with a possible haunted location (and associated paranormal encounter which PROVES their book’s highly contested theory) brings the girls together. Along with the enigmatic genius, Jillian Holtzman and the walking encyclopedia of New York Patty Tolan, the ladies start up a business venture that will bring them all to the spotlight–as either crackpots of geniuses. Will the Ghostbusters be able to save NYC from the paranormal threat before it’s too late?

If you want to order the copy, at no additional cost to you, please consider purchasing the mass market or Kindle edition here.

Who would read this: Fans of any of the actors, ghostbuster fans, movie novelization fans.

Time to Read: 3 hours
Rating: 4.5/5

Funny Story: i was super excited for this movie, and would totally cosplay a character from this movie.

Final thoughts: i liked that this filled in some of the plot holes in the movie edit. It’s definitely worth the read.

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  1. Leo Tat

    March 9, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    I preferred the Ghostbusters book compared to the movie. Maybe because I have already seen the 1984 film, and kept comparing it to the original.

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