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Write_On your Way to Happy Mail

Write_On your Way to Happy Mail

I’m doing Write_On as a challenge this April to get my reply pile down to a manageable level. There are a TON of letters that I have been trying to write or putting off or even just missing out on lately.
The gist is to write every day in April, but I look at mailpieces.

I have been doing this regularly. And dropping off this kind of mail (and this volume) has been really awesome for me. It’s allowed me to reorganize and then re-do my systems in place to track and progress within mail and supplies. I am better at getting these together to establish better habits in the future (and to use what I have in the hopes of streamlining our storage space at home).

Are you doing the Write_On challenge? Share your successes or challenges in the comments below.

For more information about Write_On, be sure to check out the Write_On website.

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