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Mean Girls 3 AKA Summer Intern

AlwaysReiding_Summer Intern

Mean Girls 3 AKA Summer Intern

Kira, plucked from Philly for the summer before she goes to college, is living the dream. She’s interning at Skirt magazine, THE magazine for fashion. She gets to live in an apartment in the city with two other interns. And she meets her dream guy on her first day. Things are looking up–she might even get a plum assignment with the Anna Wintour of Skirt IF she plays her cards right.

Her dreams are dashed 15 minutes after they are announced as possibilities–that’s when the Trumpettes make their appearance. If the daughter of the magazine owner isn’t a big enough threat, her two friends might just be worse. Kira’s extra hours and hard work are to go a long way to get noticed, but perhaps it won’t be enough. Will this summer be a memorable one? Or should Kira just go home?

This was a cool summer read, ripe for the burgeoning fashionistas we all know. I got this from my library and was happy to read it.

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