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Really?!? A Review of Jeff Burk’s Shatnerquake: an action novel

William Shatner and I are not friends. I have definitely talked about how I believe he handled the whole ‘not being in the Star Trek reboot.’ He basically told an interviewer (whom he paid) that he wrote a way for Kirk to show up in the end of the first book, in the book HE wrote. Which, is all well and good, but at the same time, I feel like him saying that was rude to the directors and the actors. Had he not pursued that argument and been so adamant about being in the film, I think they may have had a way to get him into the series–even as an easter egg.

At the same time, I can respect the man for his hustle. He is unabashedly himself, and I ended up buying one of his albums–where he Shatnerizes classic songs. And I adore the Priceline Negotiator ad campaign. So, when I was scrolling through Amazon’s top sales on my Kindle, I saw a book called Shatnerquake and realized I had to pick it up–I’m glad I did, as it was funny and light and the perfect book for fans of comedy and/or sci-fi alike.

William Shatner arrives at the very first ShatnerCon, not expecting much of anything apart from autographs, Q&As, merchandise and movie marathons of his previous work. However, a fiction bomb detonates, creating new versions of Shatner in many of his popular characters. From Captain James T. Kirk to T.J. Hooker to the Priceline Negotiator, Shatner must battle himself in order to survive. And, just as he tries to get to the root of the problem, he realizes another famous cult actor’s fans are behind the plot. Will Shatner be able to fight himself and survive, or will the Bruce Campbell-led cultists win? Only one thing is certain–there WILL be…enunciation!

This was a light, fun read, that was perfect to balance the seriousness of the things I have been reading lately (camera book, I am looking at you!). It was nice to finish a book and even nicer to post a blog review about it.

Check out Shatnerquake on Amazon, available in paperback or ebook format today!

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