Review:: Deuces are Wild (Book #3 of the Song Trilogy) by Jan Bornstein

Superstars Jenna and Scott Tenny deserve a happy ending to their Rock n’Roll Fairy Tale, but does that mean they’ll get it?
After all of the terrible things they’ve been through, their successful musical careers are in jeopardy, their marriage derails due to past and present stresses, current infidelities and future pressures.

Having delivered their son, Jenna wants to have it all–a career, a happy home and a bigger family. Past abuses have rendered that dream nearly impossible. Determined to expand the family at any cost, Jenna takes time off from touring and enlists Scott at nearly any moment’s notice to help her make a baby–the lack of romance pushes the two apart.

Scott tours successfully with Blacklace, his band, but a break up with Jenna (and memories of his own father’s mistakes) propels him into a deep and dark place–seeking solace into the arms of alcohol and into the arms of another woman.

As this was my first foray into the Song trilogy, I was not sure what to expect. Bornstein does a great job briefly revisiting the previous books’ subject matter, but I wasn’t as invested in the characters as I think a long time reader may be. I would definitely be interested in reading the other books in the trilogy.
I recommend these books to anyone looking for a rocking escape from reality, but someone still interested in a contemporary, believeable story.

I received a copy of this book for review. To find out where you can purchase copies of this book, check out authorĀ Jan Bornstein’s website.


Deuces are Wild (Book #3 of the Song Trilogy) by Jan Bornstein
320 pages; Back Channel Press
Paperback: August 2008 Retail: $13.95


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