We all have heard our mothers regale friends, family and complete strangers with cute things we did as kids–that just so happen to embarass us as adults. With his book Sorry I Peed On You (and Other Heartwarming Letters to Mommy), MSN parenting blogger Jeremy Greenberg takes ‘cute’ to the next level.
From a twenty-two month old’s missive ‘See how far I can throw my sippy cup’ to a ten month old’s ode to dirt (hint: It’s what’s for dinner!), Greenberg hits the nail on the head–these letters to our favorite lady inspire laughs and fun for one reader–or even the whole family!
I laughed a lot during this reading, and at only 65 pages in electronic format, it’s a quick read–a great gift for even the non-reader you may know…or the mom who’s juggling a lot of hats and doesn’t have enough time to sit down with a large five hundred plus page tome. I think the grouping of the pictures in the book were also pretty cute, you know, for a book about kids (this is coming from someone without kids).
I received this book in electronic format in exchange for a review from NetGalley. I was in no way compensated for my review, but when the book comes out on March 22, 2011, I’m definitely going to pick up a copy for a Mother’s Day gift.

Sorry I Peed On You (And Other Heartwarming Letters to Mommy) by Jeremy Greenberg
65 pages; Andrews McMeel Publishing
Paperback: March 22, 2011 Retail: $9.99

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