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I Take You by Eliza Kennedy

I Take You by Eliza Kennedy

I Take You by Eliza Kennedy

I Take You by Eliza Kennedy–Lily is getting married to Will, the perfect guy. While he talks about his archeology job and fancies a lot of old-timey type things, she cannot deny the fire that they once shared. However, it isn’t until the week before the wedding that, as she is called to cancel said wedding by multiple people, that she realizes her true feelings for him. Oh, and that she decides she might stop cheating on him after all.
But weddings can take up a lot of time and energy. She repeatedly leaves her parties to scope out and score with hotties. Since there are so many family members at the wedding venue, she has to be a little off the radar for her random hookups. And there’s the matter of work–Lily needs to take a deposition of a man who is completely okay with admitting his part in an oil companies billion dollars of fraud, sans any of the partners or other lawyers in her firm that she would normally rely on. Lily’s┬áthrice divorced father might be cheating on his current (fourth) wife… And there’s the matter of her mother and past step mothers to deal with, along with her best friend who all seem to be working different angles to get her to cancel the nuptials, much to the chagrin of her crazy wedding planner.

I loved this book. So hard!!! I want to give it to everyone. It was equal parts fun, just like you would expect with a summer read, but also it had a heart and a darker message throughout it that made it so hard to judge it. If this is where ‘women’s fiction/chick lit’ is going, sign me up!

Author Eliza Kennedy really had me going. At first, the character is really someone you don’t want to like. But then, Kennedy turns it around into a dialogue about sex positivity and the norms society places on sex and gender. I cannot wait to read more from Kennedy, if she writes relatable books with topics that inspire conversations, such as I Take You. To learn more about Eliza Kennedy and to sign up for news about her (and her new books), please visit the Eliza Kennedy author page.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. The thoughts are my own. To learn more about the book, or to check out the publisher’s page on this book, visit the official I Take You page from Penguin.

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