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Talking ’bout my Big (Bang) Generation: A Review of Doctor Who: Big Bang Generation

Always Reiding Doctor Who Big Bang GenerationI am a fan of Doctor Who, and Peter Capaldi’s version of the Time Lord is as stunning in the book series as he is on the television screen. So, when offered, I jumped at the chance to read this, thank you to Broadway Books for offering me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

When a time portal opens up in Australia, a massive pyramid spills out into 2015. And what comes out, a group of the galaxy’s most notorious ‘con men,’ spells trouble. And, to further complicate matters, someone awakens the Ancients of Time, meaning that the whole planet could be in trouble. Can the Doctor save the Earth, or is this Christmas tale the last for the Doctor?

It was interesting to join the Doctor in a contemporary time, as most of the show has been focusing on the future or the past–especially when it is Christmas time.

I just didn’t connect to this book, like I had others in the Glamour Chronicles, but it wasn’t for lack of good writing. Gary Russell wrote a compelling, filmic version of a Christmas tale, sans companion Clara. And, with his vast knowledge of the world of Doctor Who world, Russell is best suited to write this.

This is available in your favorite format from your favorite retailer!

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