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Whoop, there it is! A Review of Party Girl by Rachel Hollis


I got this in 2015 as part of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and promptly forgot to read it. However, there was a book I was hoping to read and I noticed that I had Party Girl still borrowed. That propelled me to start it, and once I started it, I really enjoyed it!

Landon Brinkley wants to plan weddings. Since she saw the Jennifer Lopez movie of the same name, she has scrimped and saved every penny she has earned by working in her parent’s restaurant in Texas to move to Los Angeles and intern at an event planning business. When she is granted the opportunity to work for famed event planner Selah Smith (whose work she has seen in ALL the magazines), she doesn’t care about being overworked and under appreciated. However, when the two (paid) assistants Selah has are fired, Landon finds herself in a job. So she uses her new job as a way to learn each and every thing she can for her eventual, future dream job. However, Landon soon realizes the types of things she has to do aren’t necessarily the right  things. And, when her relationships with friends and a romantic interest begin to suffer due to the job, or rather Selah, Landon has to make a tough decision. Can she give up everything that she’s worked for, or is LA too rough for her Texas, southern heart?

I felt reminded a bit of one of my favorite movies, Working Girl. I felt like Landon had a lot of Tess McGill. And a lot of Selah reads Catherine. The ensemble characters of the novel are also worth mentioning–both Max and Mika could have turned out to be empty friendships, but it would appear that Rachel Hollis has novels written (or soon to be published) about the ladies.

Landon is a bit naive, but I liked the way she was developed. She is relatable and a champion of dreams and aspirations. Also, she looks great in sequins, which is a feat in and of itself. I felt like she was similar to me, in that she wanted to believe the best in people and had been taken advantage of a little bit, but was willing to do the work required to get her to her dream. Her eye is consistently on the prize. She wins, she fails, but she tries–she is all heart. And that, is what makes this a special book.

I cannot wait to read more by Rachel, and can’t wait to find out more about Brody, especially. He’s pretty awesome. Well, Taylor is also a genuine hottie, despite his friend’s zone feeling.

Rachel Hollis seems like a really good time. Her Amazon Author page has some pretty funny videos, and has all of her books! Rachel’s site, The Chic Site, has a full list of her books as well, along with links to buy her books at Amazon (in multiple formats).

Have you had a horrible boss or supervisor? Share your pain in the comments below!


Challenges: Party Girl by Rachel Hollis satisfies the following challenges:
Popsugar Challenge: A Book Set in Your Home State

LEP Reading Challenge: 46. Takes place in the state where you live

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