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Working Girl: A Review of Lindsay Cameron’s Big Law

Always Reiding Review of Big Law by Lindsay Cameron.

Always Reiding Review of Big Law by Lindsay Cameron.

Disclosure: I was provided the pictured copy of Lindsay Cameron’s Big Law in exchange for my honest review as part of BookSpark University’s Fall Reading Challenge. Thanks, BookSparks!
I’ve always been fascinated by the law and those whom practice it. I like the orderly nature of the law, and how people can pull pieces of the material found within in (the more obscure, the more dramatic) to prove and win their cases. However, I realize not everything is The Good Wife or a John Grisham novel–and Lindsay Cameron’s Big Law reiterates that fact.
Mackenzie Corbett worked HARD to get all she wanted–she’s an associate at a high-profile New York City law firm. She has money to spend on designer shoes (thanks to the firm’s large food expensing policy), but when the demands of being an associate wreak havoc with her social life–boyfriend, friends AND family, Mackenzie realizes ust how much she is sacrificing. Soon, the job she thought she enjoyed is riddled with the stresses of the boys club at the office and the double standards she, herself, faces. Mackenzie soon starts getting more stressed,pieces of her life fall apart, and she’s dragged into a meeting with federal investigators. She has to start looking at who might want a target on her back, and must determine her next move–will she finally be able to stand up and fight for herself, or will she continue to sacrifice all of it for Big Law?
I really enjoyed Big Law. At 270 pages, it is the perfect book to take you from the Summer reading mindset into the Fall mindset, without sacrificing an enjoyable read. The characters and story were well-developed ad it was great to read Lindsay’s debut–I look forward to reading more from her in the future.
I thought Mackenzie was a very sympathetic character. She was self-possessed and smart, but found herself in a position where her knowledge was needed, but at the cost of her respect. And people find themselves in exactly that position at work. I loved her voice, especially the nod to one of my favorite movies, Working Girl.
Rita, Mackenzie’s secretary, was my favorite character. She was written perfectly, part of me wanted to adopt her and part of me wanted to BE adopted by her. I have the perfect image of Rita in my head, and I think she is not going to leave very easily. I hope Cameron’s next novel focuses on Rita.
I was not fond of Jason from the start of the story. Sure, I was rooting for Mackenzie to be in love and have a great guy that respected her, but subtle hints about his character emerged early on that were, for me, deal breakers. I also felt like there were a lot more questions about him that were unanswered throughout the book.
I also questioned the story about someone taking a partner’s call while with their daughter on the Matterhorn at Walt Disney World–I am a bit of a Disney geek, and while the Matterhorn is only at the Disneyland location in Anaheim, I can say that Space Mountain’s track (in Florida’s Walt Disney World) is partially based on the Matterhorn in California. I am chalking this error up to the office game of telephone or an urban legend.
Overall, Big Law by Lindsay Cameron was a great Fall read–the perfect way to start BookSparks University for the fall term (#FRC2015). Thanks again for the opportunity to read this.
Pick up your own copy of Lindsay’s book at your favorite retailer, it released in hardcover and ebook format on September 7, 2015. Be sure to follow Lindsay’s twitter (@LindsayJCameron), and for more information about the Back to School event, follow @BookSparks for more information!

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