Soundtrack of a Relationship: The Best of Adam Sharp by graeme simsion

There’s a bit of magic in a song. Their tune or lyrics can transport us back into a moment in time almost immediately. When we’re sad, or happy, there may be a song that makes us feel whole again. Sometimes one song isn’t enough–just ask Adam Sharp. Adam has a whole playlist of songs that remind him of Angelina.

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Confession: I’m pretty stuck in my music choices. I don’t listen to a lot of new music much, unless it’s on the limited time I have during my daily commute–which doesn’t always happen.

So I signed up for a music service (this is not an ad for them, so I am not saying anything as of yet) for a really great deal. Note: I doubt I am going to stay with it after the 3 month trial is up,

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I don’t know what just prompted me to listen to the cd. I don’t know why I’m interested, all of a sudden, in refining this story, the relationship between these two characters. Resolving their problems seems to be on my mind. But, until they are resolved, do characters tend to live within the minds of the authors who create them?