It's Monday, What are you Reading?

It’s Monday, What are you Reading?

It’s that time of the week again, where we talk about what we’re reading (This is a ‘meme’ hosted by the Book Date. And I’m partaking in it yet again. Yay!

I’m reading a few library books (isn’t the library amazing through all of this craziness) like:
Coconut Layer Cake Murder MisfitCityVol2

And then some stuff from my own library like:
The Sweeney Sisters The awesome people at Wunderkind PR sent me a copy of this in exchange for my honest review.

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It’s no secret that I love the Wizard of Oz series. I’ve spent a lot of time reading them as a child and beyond.

Marvel decided to do these. And I finally finished all the series. There is even an omnibus, which is big but awesome. The graphic novelizations are pretty good.


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It’s Monday, which is the day for a great meme.

It's Monday, What are you reading?

The Book Date has been asking us this question for a while, and it tends to get a lot of answers. Last week I read eleven books. I was intending to read more, but lots of work has been happening. Let’s push for ten books this week.

I’m in the middle of the Marvel Wizard of Oz series,

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol 1: High School is Hell

This is the Buffy Summers you know, who wants what every average teenager wants: friends at her new school, decent grades, and to escape her imposed destiny as the next in a long line of vampire slayers tasked with defeating the forces of evil…only this time around, her world looks a lot more like the one outside your window. Eisner Award-Winner Jordie Bellaire (Redlands),

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The Kitchen is something that has been on my radar for a while. However, when I finally read it, I felt like there was something missing. I was either looking for Tarantino or Brubaker, and I got something a little less.

I love the premise of women taking on the family business. I love the art and style of the book. It just fell a little flat.

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I adore L. Frank Baum’s Oz. I remember reading the books and seeing the movies. I loved The Dreamer Of Oz (the biography with John Ritter) and Return to Oz. So when I heard about Marvel doing these treatments, I loved the idea of it.

And reading this, I feel like it is totally worth the read. For comic fans, and those who haven’t read comics before.

And, most importantly,

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