My Kindle Fire is 2 months old!

2 months ago, my nearly 4 year old Kindle died. It was rough for me, as I’d been reading like crazy on the device and had grown accustomed to the old Kindle (generation 2). It was bittersweet to get the new Kindle. First, yay for new devices. Second, it looks so pretty! It’s a smaller in the width, but it is taller vertically.

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A few months ago, Amazon announced that you could add subscriptions to your Prime service for an additional fee. I picked Starz, because it sounded like a good idea… And introduced me to this gem of a show:

I was stoked to see that he mind behind Veronica Mars (Rob Thomas) was behind it, as well as a bunch of faces from The State (one of my favorite comedy troupes) and some favorite actors from Veronica Mars,

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As someone who used to be in social media and who likes to stay current on the latest trends, applying them to my own current and future projects, I am always on the lookout for great, inspiring business books. Enter Ryan Holiday’s new book.

Growth Hacker Marketing details Holiday’s strategies for ‘hacking’ business growth during the creative/production process and ways innovative companies (start-ups) have combined PR,

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