AlwaysReiding_Christmas Trees on Parade

It’s that time of the year again. It’s CHRISTMAS. Which always feels like there is something special in the air, and there’s a spirit of community that warms all of our hearts. This is also the time of year when Terri Steffes (of the blog Christmas Tree Lane) hosts a parade of trees within blogger’s homes. It IS the most wonderful time of the year, for sure.

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Travelogue: A Weird Trip to LA

Today, we went on a weird trip in LA.  We had some errands to run up in Los Angeles, and afterwards decided to go grab a bite to eat. Since we were close, we wanted to head to Clifton’s… It was closed for an event, so the 10 minutes of free parking came in handy.AlwaysReiding_LA_2Then, as anyone in LA knows, we got stuck in some crazy traffic.

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It is time for December projects to start. I am doing Journal your Christmas (sorta) along with 31 Days of Lists and (my first year) for December Daily. Some days will be jyc vs dd…
I am getting back in the habit of taking pictures daily, and today I got an awesome one!


The coloring screams December to me, along with the fact she is cuddling, because December means cooler weather.

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Here’s some pictures of our 2nd anniversary:
2nd wedding Anniversary : AlwaysReidingDon-the-Beachcomber-AlwaysReiding_thumb-.jpeg

Brie Quesadilla : AlwaysReidingPirates! AlwaysReiding

We went to a location called Don the Beachcomber, which I have driven by all of my life. And, we had a brie quesadilla and saw a ton of pirates…
Overall, it was a great evening. I came home and my wordcount suffered, but I did get to see my husband play video games for 4 hours.

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