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  • Got to #comicbang bookclub aa little earlier than expected tonight (the market was out of Knorr Aromat 😭) so I’m sitting here, being serenaded by traffic and sipping some tea steeped in the ingenuitea steeper. 😍
  • 21k just 5k more to go today for #nanowrimo2019. My small playlist has some pretty cool songs, but @spotify keeps adding songs that do NOT track with my theme of an unstoppable young woman who is trying to escape tyranny....
  • Just spending some time tabbing my #peanutbuttertaco #bookwormlifeplanner for 2020. Sumptuously smooth paper, colorful pages that are ready for customization... Excited to jump in. #midoritabs #thebookwormlifeplanner #letspeanutbuttertacoboutbooks #reading #planning #allthebooks #goalsetting #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer
  • So our favorite @gamestop closed after I preordered my physical copy of #starwarsfallenjedi. We were able to switch it to a different store, but in the shuffle, they switched me to a digital copy. Or they said I could get a sans bonus physical copy. It’s annoying, but I’m downloading it now. Who else prefers #physical video games so you can beat them and then trade them in for something else?
  • I saw that the movie was leaving @hbo at the end of this month, so I figured it was time to read this... I adore #michaelcrichton but I feel like reading some of the classics today is  different when they were first published. Of course, the tech makes me laugh... Has anyone got a favorite Crichton book? Jurassic Park has to be mine. With Timeline a close second.
  • Happy book birthday to the @janetevanovich book, twisted twenty-six. It’s been a long ride, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 💕❤️
  • Read this recently and I love it sooo much! Pick up giant days if you haven’t already. 💕
  • I got my @waterstones exclusive copy of @rainbowrowell ‘s #waywardson. This edition exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to start reading it.