Sophie lives with her two sisters and her stepmother. When the girls are sent to live with other people, to make their apprenticeships, Sophie is lucky to stay with her stepmother. She makes the beautiful hats that keep a roof over their head. But one day she listens to one of her sisters, and realizes maybe she’s being used.

Soon Sophie has crossed paths with the wizard Howl (rumored to eat the hearts of young women),

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It is so freaking hot here in California. My lunch time today revolves around figuring out which one of these to read AND catching up on Law and Order: SVU. I’m on season 2.

I really wish I was watching the current season of Younger. Or maybe the Librarians. Or getting another box together for donations to Bookcrossing. Eek!

Of the three, which would you pick?

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All-American Liars by Emily Kazmierski

The biggest thing about a small town is the secrets it carries.
Tristan is the captain of the basketball team. He is poised to be a member of the All-American team, along with a full ride to UCLA on a basketball scholarship. While his girlfriend, Annie, is happy for him, she’s also saddened at the idea of losing him to UCLA next year.

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AlwaysReiding_Summer Intern

Mean Girls 3 AKA Summer Intern

Kira, plucked from Philly for the summer before she goes to college, is living the dream. She’s interning at Skirt magazine, THE magazine for fashion. She gets to live in an apartment in the city with two other interns. And she meets her dream guy on her first day. Things are looking up–she might even get a plum assignment with the Anna Wintour of Skirt IF she plays her cards right.

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At Court: A Review of Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses

Feyre works hard to keep her disabled father and two older sisters fed and taken care of. She sets snares and uses her archery skills to get animals they can eat. She sells the skins in town, for what meager coins she can get. And she tries to hide the money from the sister that is most likely to spend it on new clothes she doesn’t need.

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The Libby Garrett Intervention (Science Squad #2)

Libby Garrett is smart, but she’s also being used. A friend of Avery Shaw, Libby has been spending more and time with Owen, the hunky college basketball player… To the detriment of her own happiness. Owen doesn’t just want to keep them low key, he wants to keep their arrangement (and their sexual relationship) to themselves, not even telling their respective best friends. But when Libby’s friends stage an intervention,

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