I send out a lot of mail. Most of the time I have that perfect card or stationery. But sometimes I don’t. Now that might be some people’s way of saying that piece of correspondence is not meant to be—I am here to tell you that is not the case.

I am sending a card to a stranger through the Oh So Happy Mail group on Facebook. Since I’ve never met the person,

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Write_On your Way to Happy Mail

I’m doing Write_On as a challenge this April to get my reply pile down to a manageable level. There are a TON of letters that I have been trying to write or putting off or even just missing out on lately.
The gist is to write every day in April, but I look at mailpieces.

I have been doing this regularly.

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Happy Mail ::Holiday Mail Dates::

The USPS went above and beyond today and published the dates for holiday mailing this year–this is PRICELESS information if you are like me and send letters (you know, partially to keep the lines of communication open and partially because YAY!). These are the dates you need to keep in mind for domestic items:

AlwaysReiding_HolidayMail And, in another stroke of genius, we even have international dates–check them out here:

Do you send holiday mail?

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