How is it February already?
Did laundry and I need to do some more.
Had an incident with a keyboard, so I got a new one–this one is waterproof-ish, but substantially less clacky. We’ll see if it does what it needs to do.
I lost my Bookworm Life planner just in time to get my order for new stuff FOR the planner, which of course happens to me.

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My best friend, who I’ve always thought was incredible, turned into a smokeshow in a few short hours.

We might have underestimated the youngest Cane brother. He comes off all sweet and charming, but I bet you he’s the best in bed out of all of them.

A LONG TIME COMING, a brand new, standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn will be releasing on January 10th in all formats!

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I sense a theme: What I’m reading and watching

Note: While I am not being compensated in any way, I do include a referral link towards the end of this post.

Sometimes, a little realism must meet a little escapism. And that means that there are two things I’m enjoying right now. Something a little older, something a little newer. But both have a sort of something in common.

A man and a woman are almost kissing. The title, the Catch, is just below their collars.
The Catch
follows Alice Vaughan,

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