This week 5FF is all about our inner fashionista. Who wouldn’t want to participate in this fun post? What about these fashionistas do we love? It’s easy to get caught up in the clothing of a character on a series, as they have people to pick out their wardrobe. Caitlin and I aren’t really about being dressed to the nines, so most of our picks are pretty down-to-earth.

How to Fangirl has the list.



  • Corey Mason/Empire Records

    College was sweater sets and Old Navy skirts just like hers. I didn’t show the skin she did, but I still love the fashion sense. She could go from good girl to rocknroll.





  • Claudia/Warehouse 13

    Cool, doable and fun look. I adore that tech-people (besides me, IRL) tend to get a pass for cool clothes.
  • Emma Swan/Once Upon a Time

    I love her jackets and her hair. That is ALL!
  • Misty Day & Stevie Nicks, AHS Coven

    I’m not normally a witchy kind of person, but the outfits on both of these ladies throughout the season made me want this season of AHS to be real. Flowy, feminine and oddly uplifting.
  • I can’t think of a fifth—can you help?

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