Soundtrack of a Relationship: The Best of Adam Sharp by graeme simsion

There’s a bit of magic in a song. Their tune or lyrics can transport us back into a moment in time almost immediately. When we’re sad, or happy, there may be a song that makes us feel whole again. Sometimes one song isn’t enough–just ask Adam Sharp. Adam has a whole playlist of songs that remind him of Angelina.

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Double Fudge Brownie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery)

Hannah’s freedom is on the line yet again as she waits for the outcome of the murder trial. However, while Hannah is waiting for the Judge outside his chambers she hears an odd noise. She walks into his chambers to check on him and finds the judge DEAD. Hannah’s propensity for finding bodies is getting her into trouble because this time this is a second body that she’s found in such a short time.

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Blackberry Pie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery)

The small town baker famous for her cookies finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation–as the murderer! She hits a stranger with her car on her way home in a storm. Hannah even ends up in the jail for a weekend. But once more information is gathered, she is released and starts working to clear her name by doing the second thing that comes natural to her–investigation.

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Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery) by Joanne Fluke

While the rest of the residents try to keep cool in Minnesota’s Lake Eden, Hannah has to balance the summer heat with the heat from her own oven! When The Cookie Jar is contracted for a special job with someone who Hannah has some bad history with, she tries to work on being as professional as possible.

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Cinnamon Roll Murder: A Hannah Swenson Mystery by Joanne Fluke

It’s the end of winter in Minnesota. And Lake Eden is abuzz with a Jazz Festival. Hannah has been tasked to make some cinnamon rolls for a locally known jazz band (named the Cinnamon Roll Six) and is excited to visit the Inn where they’ll be staying. However, on their way out to the Inn, Hannah and her sister Michelle encounter a huge accident,

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Gingerbread Cookie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery) by Joanne Fluke

Hannah’s skills will be tested even closer to home when she stumbles on a murder scene in her very own condo complex. In fact, the last time anyone really saw the deceased was when he bought some of The Cookie Jar’s gingerbread cookies. While trying to determine who might want her neighbor to die, a better question comes up–who DIDN’T have a motive for killing her neighbor?

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Devil’s Food Cake Murder: A Hannah Swenson Mystery by Joanne Fluke

Hannah Swenson is thrust into a mystery when a new minister comes into town to help the current minister and Hannah’s dear friend, Claire, their honeymoon. But when the minister turns up dead shortly, and a similar-looking man shows up saying the dead man was an imposter, it is up to Hannah to solve the mystery and save the day.

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Apple Turnover Murder: A Hannah Swenson Mystery with Recipes

When The Cookie Jar gets an order of eleven hundred cookies for a charity talent show, Hannah Swenson is overwhelmed, until her intrepid business partner, Lisa, recommends apple turnovers. Being a good sport, Hannah agrees. But then the host turns out to be a college professor both Hannah and Hannah’s youngest sister, Michelle, had a relationship with.

Having to deal with the professor is one thing,

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The Dark Side of Reality – The Real Real

Jesse is an unassuming high schooler, doing her best to keep up with school, her job and her friends. She needs to work on college acceptance and possible scholarships. She’s good at keeping under the radar from some of the big drama at school. However, a documentary crew lands in her high school with lofty promises and even loftier realities. Jesse is plucked from one of the hundreds in her school,

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The First Affair by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Jamie McAlister goes to DC as a graduate (and intern) with the hopes that she can get a job that will pay off her expensive education. She lives at the home of a prominent (and oppositional to the leading party currently) political person who happens to be the mother of her best friend from college. Jamie is at the White House during the freeze and comes smack dab into President Rutland.

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