Review:: Wedding cake Murder by Joanne Fluke (Hannah Swenson #19)

Hannah finds herself preparing for a quick wedding AND a televised baking competition in Joanne Fluke’s Wedding Cake Murder. The 19th book in Fluke’s ongoing series about a cookie maker/sleuth based in Lake Eden, Minnesota. Hannah preps her youngest sister as her assistant and finds out a relative has some details about one of the celebrity chef judges that will help Hannah win the competition. She and her sister travel to New York City where Hannah wins the preliminary and gets the competition moved to Lake Eden. Business is now BOOMING at the town. But when that judge is found dead (not by Hannah THIS time), she starts to work on solving the murder while prepping to win the competition. Prepping for a wedding would be hard enough, but now all cameras are on Hannah and the killer is JUST behind her. Will she be able to solve the murder, win the competition AND get married? Only time will tell.

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Who would read this: Fans of the series, cozy mystery fans, someone who wants to read a strong heroine and also have some yummy recipes, those who have seen the movies, or are just in the mood for a read that will occupy their minds for a while.
Time to Read: 4.0 hours (I kept having to go back to figure out whom was whom because there were over 10 books I was missing, LOL)
Rating: 4.0/5 stars–mostly because she FINALLY makes a decision, LOL.
Funny Story: I had no idea this was number 19–I thought it was supposed to be after the last one I read.
Final thoughts: I was happy that she finally made a decision, but I think I enjoyed this less because I was confused about the timing–this was all MY fault. Ideally, though, it wasn’t bad for a Hannah Swenson mystery.

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