I can remember seeing the movie To Die For when I was growing up. Starring Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix, I liken it to a movie also based on a book called Election. Nicole Kidman stars as newswoman who is drawn into the lure of the media, and though she is at a local newsroom, tries to become her best self–and anyone who stands in her way is going to be mowed over, if it means she can be the STAR.

Her doting husband, Larry, is no longer useful to her. So, Suzanne realizes the teens she has earmarked for a documentary project are perfect–no one will care if something happens to these kids–they’re ‘throwaway’ kids. So as her relationships with the kids grow in weird ways, she separates more from her husband. And, soon she has the teens involved in a deadly plot to kill her husband. But, the only question is, will Suzanne be able to pull it off before the teens realize they are just pawns in a twisted game of chess?

Suzanne was just as maniacal in the book as I remember her to be in the movie. And the characters of the teens are a lot more sympathetic. I particularly feel for Suzanne’s older sister, Iris–the warning signs were there, but she drifted into the woodwork as they got older.

Overall, Joyce Maynard’s writing is solid. She tells the story through interviews with major and minor characters, and it works. This format adds an additional layer to each of the characters. This was originally released in 1992, and it still rings true today.

I, personally, have a degree in Journalism. When I was in college, I turned down the opportunity to intern at CNN because I wanted to be able to produce a local news show, rather than spend the hundreds of internship hours getting someone coffee. And, while my hard work paid off with a paid job later, I’m not cut out for the type of news Suzanne is in want of. And that is exactly why I walked away from the industry. Happily so!

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What do you think with our obsession with celebrity?

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