A Long Time Ago… And now tonight

When I was in 5th grade, I went to the local library with a friend. Okay, I probably went to the library twice a week, but still.

Looking for something new to read. And I picked up a thick hardcover that I absolutely loved the look of. It looked like a thriller, but also like a coming of age story.
It was perfect (I mean, Carrie was a recent read for me, so this worked). While the friend picked out another one, I picked up the book that would bring a brand new author to me.
I picked up Dawn by VC Andrews.

In her fine new Virginia school, Dawn Longchamp feels happy and safe. But nothing is what it seems…
Now Dawn and her older brother Jimmy have a chance for a decent, respectable life, and Dawn’s secret, precious hope to study singing can come true. Philip Cutler, the handsomest boy in school, sets Dawn’s heart on fire. She is deeply devoted to her brooding brother; but with Philip, she imagines a lovely dream of romance…
Then Dawn’s mother suddenly dies, and her entire world begins to crumble. After a terrible new shock, she is thrust into a different family and an evil web of unspoken sins. Her sweet innocence lost, humiliated and scorned, Dawn is desperate to find Jimmy again and…strip away the wicked lies that will change all their lives forever!

With a synopsis like that, who could resist? From there I devoured the next book, and then had to wait because it was the newest series. So, like the librarian I am, I decided to go back and read other things from the author. Yep, even My Sweet Audrina and Flowers in the Attic. But there’s still a special place in my heart for the Cutler series. I think I’ve only read it once. And then I found out that Lifetime is doing to it what it did for the Dollanganger, Casteel and Longchamp series.. It’s giving it a movie. And it happens tonight!

Now, I won’t be able to watch tonight because of life stuff, but I sincerely hope to catch it soon. And, if you are so inclined, let me know what you think of it should you watch it. Warning: These movies are a little odd. It’s sort of meant to be serious, but it’s a lot like a b movie, at least in my opinion.

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