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Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016

Disneyland’s EggStravaganza 2016: When I was a kid, there was a special time of year that the Magic of Disneyland really delivered–Easter time. Easter meant a Thumper-themed Easter Egg hunt, where you could win anything from popcorn to a park ticket. Luckily, I won a sweatshirt and a large stuffed animal (due to my parent’s letting my friend and I get whatever the other won).

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I resisted seeing Frozen for a very long time. Why? Because it was all anyone ANYBODY was talking about. Despite it being based, in part, by one of my favorite fairy tales (the Snow Queen), I had heard some things that made me question whether or not I really wanted to see it.

We bought the multi-disc (with digital copy) version of the film, and I finally sat down to watch it via streaming this past weekend.

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