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Comic Book Book Club!!!


Comic Book Book Club!!!!

My temporary housing has another bright spot–the best comic book store in the area (in my opinion). And, this store is going to have a comic book talk next month… The best part? It’s about Terry Moore’s Motor Girl.

I’ve been a fan of Moore’s work for years–ever since I read Rachel Rising for a Gender in Comic books online class I took a few years ago. I got the opportunity to meet him a few years ago. I’ve since read more of his other work, including Strangers in Paradise (which was AWESOME). What is Motor Girl about?

When a UFO crashes into her desert junkyard, Samantha and her imaginary gorilla friend, Mike, repair the ship and win the heart of the little green pilot named Bik. Now an industrial tycoon wants to seize the property so he can install his new anti-UFO weapon but Samantha is determined to stop him. What happens next is out of this world in Terry Moore’s new series! Collects issues #1-5.

The store is giving a discount for purchasing the book AND is hosting a book group roundtable in the evening of a weekend in Mid-July. If you’re local to Southern California, you may want to check out Comics Unlimited’s Facebook page for more details.

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