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Easy ways to personalize Mail

I send out a lot of mail. Most of the time I have that perfect card or stationery. But sometimes I don’t. Now that might be some people’s way of saying that piece of correspondence is not meant to be—I am here to tell you that is not the case.

I am sending a card to a stranger through the Oh So Happy Mail group on Facebook. Since I’ve never met the person, I’m not sure what their sense of humor might be, or if they might not appreciate a certain tone in a card. So I took a blank Congratulations card from My Dear Fellow Co (they are taking a break from selling on Etsy) and added a small piece of text to make it seem more appropriate for the reason I’m sending the card, and then some fun mail-centric washii tape (from Simply Gilded).

I have some stationery that I keep on hand, so this lady Deer businesswoman only needed a little bit of a plain Simply Gilded washii as an accent.

In my opinion, these are both excellent starters to get creativity going and also take regular pieces of stationery and give them just a little something extra that make them special—and also that will personalize the experience for the recipient, too. I use what I have on hand, which is great because I am using my stash. The more stash I use, the more room I have when awesome sales pop up, right?

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