It’s #FinallyComicFriday here at AlwaysReiding, and with that means you get to check out my thoughts about comics!

It is no secret, I am a DC Comics kind of girl, but I’ve opened up my interest to expand into Marvel.

I love the idea that there are digital copies of the comics in the first issues of the new relaunches and I also love the idea of expanding my character knowledge in the comic world.

#FinallyComicFriday is featuring Ms Marvel's first two issues this week
#FinallyComicFriday AlwaysReiding: Ms Marvel

I had heard good things about Ms Marvel before I picked up the book, but I must say that I was super excited to pick these up and read them–who would have thought that a 16 year old girl named Kamala Khan would have to pick up the mantle of the blonde shapeshifting heroine, known to most as Ms. Marvel. There is a great synopsis of my #FinallyComicFriday pick at

I love that Kamala writes Avenger fan fiction. I love that she doesn’t fit into the usualy

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