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Our world is obsessed with celebrity—from film and tv stars to musicians and those blessed with the right last names. But image if that type of attention was paid to gods?

The Wicked + The Divine Volume 1 : The Faust Act tells the story of a nearly once-in-a-century occurance—12 Gods returning to life as teens. In two years, they will be dead. Laura is 17, and is caught up like everyone else. But she gets caught in the crossfires of a major god-based event and she attracts the eye of Lucifer. Soon, she’s drawn further into the world and tries to solve a mystery that threatens the very beliefs and the fabric of the whole world. And something happens to Laura that changes her life forever.

I LOVED this series. From the first issue I saw on Comixology to picking up a copy of the graphic novel once it became available. And each issue only stoked the first of my interest.

The team of Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles (they did Young Avengers) features a great story, amazing artwork and that ‘something’ that great series have.

The mix of contemporary images and old world mythology The Wicked + The Divine Volume 1 : The Faust Act proves to be a graphic novel worth reading. In whatever format you choose. Single issues, as well as the collected graphic novel are available in physical and digital format from your favorite retailer. I have purchased the digital single editions, and then the publisher allowed me the opportunity to read the graphic novel digitally in exchange for my own review. I loved it enough that I purchased a physical copy on my own—I love that Image comics has first volumes for under $10!

It came out in December, 2014—be sure to pick up your copy today.

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