July 2023 Book Picks (Amazon, BOTM)

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These are the books I picked for July 2023. Amazon First allowed me to pick two books!!! And that was There’s No Coming Back from This by Ann Garvin and then What Never Happened by Rachel Howzell Hall. I decided not to pick a book from Book of the Month this month, due to a few reasons which I’ll get to below.

Each month, Prime members (only a link) can download at least one free book from a selection. Sometimes there are some great books, sometimes there are not. This month I picked two books that I thought would be interesting. Oftentimes I will forget entirely about this benefit to my Prime membership. Do you get Amazon First reads? What did you pick?

I’m also a Book of the Month club member. Now, before I was put into a hotel for 6 months, I really loved my membership. But, since moving, I’ve had some issues–and I think it might just be related to the mail. I got a shipment just before the flood. Then the next one, I skipped. The next month, it took over 15 days to get to me. The box was then shown as lost, and BOTM was really helpful and refunded my credit. BUT then, the box showed up and I contacted them and they were kind enough to take back the credits. The next box came so quickly… I can give you a special deal if you sign up (you pay nothing large, but I get a freebie) I get an enamel pin. It’s cool, and it’s a great way to get some cool stuff from the company.
What are you getting this month? Let me know in the comments below.

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