June 2023 – What I Read

June 2023 Reading Tracker Always Reiding I can’t believe it’s July, but there we go–it’s JULY 2023. I think that C-virus time made us all hit the pause button. Time is irrelevant, at least the time to relax is, in my opinion.
I’m still in the Hotel, after my home was flooded–that’s a whole other story. I’ve noticed that some of the reading I do is hard here, and it’s mostly because I just can’t focus that much in the hotel. Which is completely sad. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll be getting into a house soon (crossed fingers), which means I might have a little more reading time–at least a cozier corner.
Of these, I really enjoyed Abby Jiminez’ book, as well as the two Jen DeLucas. The Clive Barker book was for a book group and I enjoyed it (was the basis for Nightbreed and we talked to someone who had some insider info). Additionally, The Kennedy Heirs was full of some good info. Wash Day Diaries was so sweet–I wanted to see more from these characters. James Acaster’s book had bits from his meeting on As Yet Untitled.
Looking forward to what the future brings…

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